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Deck Siding

Creative Painting and Decorating Co. is your choice when it comes to replacing or repairing damaged wood siding on your home. It is easy to spot dry or rotten boards by quickly inspecting your home. If you see evidence of paint that is peeling, or if areas seem soft or hollow, you may need to have these areas replaced before further damage can occur.


Call today to have your siding, crown molding, and trim repaired, and make your home look like new again. Inside, crown molding and wood trim can be installed or replaced.

Dependable Carpentry Work and Siding

Renew your deck

Everyone loves enjoying time outside with friends and family. If your deck is starting to look ugly and worn by the weather, we can blast away years of dirt and remove stains by power washing it and restraining it if necessary.


We can repair any wood that needs it, as well as stain and seal your deck for a brand new look that will last for years.

Repair your damaged wood

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Protect your home by repairing any damaged wood

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