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Wallpaper removal

Whether you're working on a remodeling project, or need to fix your walls before painting, Creative Painting and Decorating Co. can handle all your drywall, plaster, and stucco needs.


We can fix or replace water damaged or loose plaster, drywall, fix any nails popping out, or cover any visible screws for a perfect and smooth finish.


No need to worry about dust getting everywhere, we utilize dustless plaster sanding with a vacuum system to keep everything neat and clean.

Professional Drywall Installation and Repairs

Wallpaper hanging and removal

If you have outdated or torn wallpaper you need removed, update it with beautiful new wallpaper or start fresh with a coat of paint.


Leave it to the experts with over 30 years of experience. Let us repair and prep your walls properly and fix any damage that may have occurred from water damage, age and structure settling. Plaster and drywall repairs are our specialty. All work is guaranteed.

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Smooth and flawless walls

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Expert Stucco Repair

Since the early 70's we have made expert stucco repairs on the exterior of homes. The texture and color can be duplicated to what you have now.

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